Panko Pickle Spears

Panko crusted, fried golden brown. Served with a Grilled Scallion Aioli.  8.99

Bacon Chorizo Dates

Bacon wrapped & Chorizo stuffed dates. Served with Chili Lime Sauce. 10.99

Pretzels & Dip

Cheese and onion beer dip. Soft garlic pretzels for dunkin’. 10.99

Jalapeño Popcorn Shrimp

Breaded Popcorn Shrimp with a spicy twist. Lemon and Garlic Aioli. 11.99

Hush Puppies

Cornmeal Fritter, fried golden brown. Served with Southern Remoulade. 9.99

Garlic Bread

3 Cheese Blend with roasted

Garlic Butter. 9.99

Add Bacon—1.49

Smokehouse Wings

Smoked and fried crispy. Served naked or dressed to impress in one of our house

Sauces; QBBQ Sauce, Hickory Smoke BBQ, Medium, Hot, Honey Garlic, Garlic Parmesan, QBBQ Spice blend, Dry Cajun or Butter Cajun.

13.99/1lb & 26.99/2lbs

Smokehouse Poutine

Smoked Cheddar, house made gravy and 1 pound of fresh cut fries.  9.49

Add pulled chicken, pulled pork or smoked brisket—3.99


Add To Any Salad: Pulled Pork, Smoked Pulled Chicken or Sliced Brisket. 3.99 each

Grilled Tequila Lime Chicken Breast – 5.99 each


Kitchen’s Daily Creation. Seasonally Changing. 5.99

French Onion Soup

Vidalia onions, smoked cheddar and cornbread croutons. 8.99

Summer Time Greens

Mixed greens, pickled harvest vegetables, house cider vinaigrette. 8.99

Caesar Salad

Romaine, peppered bacon, parmesan cheese and cornbread croutons. 10.99

Q Taco Salad

Lettuce, corn and pepper relish, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, red onions, and a chimichurri vinaigrette. Served with a choice of smoked classics; pulled pork, smoked chicken or sliced brisket. 15.99

Southern Cobb Salad

Lettuce, tomato, pepper bacon, cheddar cheese, egg, corn and guacamole. Served with our smokehouse chicken. 15.99




Served with Pineapple Slaw and choice of side

Smoked Chicken Pita

Smokehouse Chicken with lettuce, tomato, onion, peppered bacon and a chipotle aioli. Served in a grilled pita. 14.99

Chicken Caesar Wrap

The Classic Caesar wrap with Smokehouse Chicken and a little Caesar salad. Thrown in a flour tortilla and toasted on the grill. 13.99


The Dirty Bird

Buttermilk Fried Chicken stuck between two      Belgian waffles and topped with a sticky maple glaze. Served with lettuce, tomato, smoked cheddar and chipotle aioli. 16.49

Triple Threat

Smoked Ham, Peppered Bacon and Pulled Pork. With smoked cheddar, QBBQ Sauce and house slaw.

Oink Oink! Served on a ciabatta bun. 14.99

Flaming Chorizo

Grilled chorizo sausage with caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and smoked cheddar.

Corn and pepper relish on the side.

Served on a ciabatta bun. 14.49

FCC-Fiesta Chicken Club

Tequila and lime marinated chicken breast served on a ciabatta bun with guacamole, smoked cheddar, tomato, lettuce and a Lemon Garlic Aioli. 16.99

Steak Sandwich

Take our beautiful red wine marinated flank steak, slice it thin, charr it up and lay it down on a ciabatta bun. Chipotle aioli and caramelized onions are a must. 15.99

Southern Philly

Caramelized peppers and onions with sliced

brisket, QBBQ Sauce and gooey smoked cheddar. Served on a ciabatta bun. 14.99



Add Smoked Cheddar (1.99) or Caramelized Onions (0.99) for extra level of good

Pulled Pork

Hand pulled and piled high on a garlic ciabatta bun. QBBQ sauce 13.49

Pulled Chicken

Tender smoked chicken, stacked on top of a ciabatta bun.

QBBQ sauce. 13.99

Smoked Brisket

Hand sliced and piled high on a garlic ciabatta bun.

QBBQ Sauce 14.49


All Burgers are 6 oz. of Ontario Prime Rib and hand-made
Served with Pineapple Slaw and choice of side



Plain & simple. Grilled to perfection, served with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle on a toasted brioche bun. 13.99

Bacon Cheeseburger

Dressed to impress with smoked cheddar and Peppered Bacon. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle on a toasted brioche bun. 15.49

Veggie Burger

Black Bean Patty with corn and pepper relish, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle.

Served on a brioche bun. 13.99

Try This On for a Size

Add 2oz of our Smokehouse Classic Meats to any burger for a real Southern treat. Pulled Pork, Smoked Chicken or Sliced Brisket. 1.99


Served with choice of 2 sides and our famous cornbread

Pulled Pork Platter

Ontario Pork, QBBQ Spice Rub and smoked 14 hours. Pulled and piled high slathered with QBBQ Sauce. 17.99

Smoked Ham Hock

Smoked till tender and juicy, basted with pineapple marinade and served with caramelized

pineapple bites. 16.99

Texas Beef Brisket

Canadian AAA brisket, QBBQ Spice Rub and smoked for 10 hours. Hand sliced and stacked with our QBBQ Sauce. 19.99

Campfire Meatloaf

Pepper Bacon and Prime Rib, ground up and smoked for 3 hours.

QBBQ Sauce on top. 17.50

BBQ Brick Chicken

QBBQ Spice Rub, smoked low and slow. Grilled and basted

with QBBQ Sauce.

Half Chicken. 17.99

St. Louis Pork Ribs

QBBQ spice rub, smoked and flame grilled. Slathered in QBBQ sauce; Utensils not required

Full Slab – 29.49 & Half Slab – 18.99


Served with choice of 2 sides and our famous cornbread

Southern Fried Chicken

Buttermilk Fried Chicken; a golden thigh &

drumstick tossed in a maple tabasco

honey butter.16.99

For the ultimate hungry man meal,

add a slab of ribs for 5.99

Charred Flank Steak

Red wine marinated, served with chimichurri sauce. Grilled to your liking:

Rare, Medium Rare, Medium,

Medium Well or Well Done.

Kitchen recommends for this cut medium rare is best. 25.99


Beef Short Ribs

Braised low and slow with QBBQ sauce and other

secret ingredients to give it that hickory goodness.

No need for a knife here, falls right off the bone. 23.99

Fish & Chips

The name says it all; Alaskan Haddock, breaded in Lays potato chips, fried golden brown. Served with house cut French fries, pineapple slaw, cornbread and Southern remoulade

1pc 13.99 & 2 pc 18.99

KFC-Krispy Fried Chicken

QBBQ Spice Rubbed chicken strips,

fried golden brown. 17.99

Enjoy them naked, or have them dressed to impress in any of our signature wings sauces

or Spice rubs for 0.99



Served with choice of 2 sides and our famous cornbread.
2 Meat Combo platter 22.99
3 Meat Combo platter 25.99


Served with choice of 3 large sides and 4 loaves of
our famous cornbread.
4 Meat Platter 59.99 5 Meat Platter 64.99

Choice of meats:

St. Louis Ribs, Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Smoked BBQ Chicken, Campfire Meatloaf, Smoked Chorizo, Smoked Ham Hock,

Smokehouse Wings and Southern Fried Chicken.

No additional charge for doubling up on Pulled Pork, all other meats will result in an additional charge.

Substitute all white meat for only 1.99



Pulled Pork –15.99
Pulled Chicken –17.99
Southern Fried Chicken –14.99
Sliced Beef Brisket –19.49
Smoked BBQ 1/2 Chicken –13.49
Smoked BBQ Whole Chicken –24.99
Full Slab St. Louis Ribs –23.99
1/2 Slab St. Louis Ribs –14.49
Smoked Chorizo Sausage –12.99
Smoked Ham Hock –16.99
Campfire Meatloaf –15.99

Meal Sides

BrewHouse Baked Beans, Creamy Pineapple Slaw,

Fresh Cut Fries, Cheesy Potato Gratin, Garlic Crushed

Potatoes, Small Caesar Salad, Small Summer Time Salad, Grilled Corn Cobs, Homestyle Mac & Cheese, Caramelized Whiskey Pineapple, Citrus Braised Collard Greens, Hush Puppies. 6.99

Make it a side of sweet potato fries or a poutine for only 2.49 extra.

Doubling up on meal sides may result in additional charges.

Ask your server for details.